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Welcome to my Web Site

This is my personally-funded web presence; nice without the advertisements isn't it?

Over the next few weeks (months, years!) I'll be creating separate areas for the two Patrick O'Brian-related sites, and a room just for me and my personal stuff.  So have a look around, and let me know if you like it.  But please, be patient, there's a lot of work to be done.


Please send an email to helen AT improvidentfish DOT com - mind the spaces, symbols and full stops.  But you all know how email addresses should look.

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"...Jack knew very well that if he were to give the order 'On end bags' it would be seen that instead of a well-found crew the Surprise had a pack of threadbare paupers with nothing but their holy shore-going rig (never worn at sea) and only just enough in the way of slops to protect them from the gentle Mediterranean weather.  He had done what he could to keep them occupied, but apart from small-arms exercise for all hands and chipping roundshot there was little they could be set to in the nautical line; and although cricket and expeditions to see the island where St Paul was wrecked, his ship being caught on a lee-shore with a nasty gregale, did something, they could not really compete with the pleasures of the town.  'Deboshed, improvident fish,' he muttered, passing down the line with a stern and even righteous expression.  And their officers were not much better, either ... "

Treason's Harbour
by Patrick O'Brian
(Book 9 of 20)

Chapter 2, pp 42-43


I was the lucky recipient of a review copy of Naomi Novik's first Temeraire universe novel, His Majesty's Dragon.   It's rollicking good fun, and I can't wait to read the next two books, Throne of Jade and Black Powder War.

Apologies to the gentleman who sent me the review copy, as it's now many months since I received the book (and read it in one night, with thorough enjoyment).  Unfortunately, Office XP Home doesn't include FrontPage these days - and that version of Office is what my Abu Dhabi PC shipped with.  Microsoft just keeps getting more and more precious with its stuff!

His Majesty's Dragon is an excellent read, and heartily recommended to both Patrick O'Brian fans and SF/Fantasy readers ... and anyone else who likes a damn good story.


11 October 2006

It's been a rough fortnight.  Two new photo galleries - Sacha Connor and Tim Lawrence-Connor - are now up; see the links above and left.  Sacha's gallery is too many years overdue, and Tim's was one of the hardest things I've ever done.  We'll miss our Beautiful Boy.


Your hostess this evening is Helen Connor, currently living in Abu Dhabi, previously in Canberra, where the time is now  - please add an hour for Daylight Saving from October to March.

I am the proud owner of three Geoff Hunt prints


Victory and Squadron in Light Airs;


Blue at the Mizzen (#688 of 700); and


HMS Trusty in English Harbour, Antigua

However, there are plenty I don't yet have, and hope one day to acquire:


The Ionian Mission


Spithead Anchorage


Treason's Harbour

Well, frankly, I'd like every book cover, all the Nelson-associateds, and the pretty ones from what's left. But no one has walls enough to display them, and I certainly can't afford to buy the ones I want.  Sigh. 

Where I Waste My Time

Where do I go, what do I do with all this time on my hands?  Waste it all on the net, of course ... what else?

Television Without Pity 

"Spare the snark, spoil the networks"

Tomato Nation

The Vine's got it all over Dear Abby

For all the broadcast and scheduling info a girl could need


Hours and hours of productive fun


How to choose?  Books, Geoff Hunt prints, CDs and videos - I've bought the lot from here.  John Berg's Sea-Room is THE Patrick O'Brian (and other nautical-related) source.

The huge world of aviation.  Work-related, but also lots of fun.


Places I Don't Go

Living where I do, the internet becomes a slightly ... limited ... experience.  Here is a small list of sites I would visit, if I could.  Thanks, Etislut, for watching so carefully over my internet experience. Tattersalls Go Fug Yourself Skype

If you step this way, you can see what I see if I forget myself and attempt to view a popular video, buy a Tattslotto ticket, update my VOIP package or see celebrity fashion faux pas.

For those persons interested in my travels overseas (and in particular the 2000 trip which included meeting a great many lissuns) please walk this way to Helen's Big Trip.

This web site has been lovingly hand-crafted (over many long weary evenings) on a 1999-vintage PC running Windows & Office XP on a mere 128MB of RAM.  MS FrontPage provided the code-wrangling that makes it look so pretty.

From 29 July 2006 the PC on which the site is maintained is a 2005 Shuttle xPC with monster hard disks and one full GB of RAM.  Running Windows XP Pro, Office Home, and an assortment of other neat stuff (Skype, Mail Washer, Shareaza ...)

And now, a treat for the people who actually slogged through the whole page and got all the way to the bottom:


Sean Bean


Sean Bean, as Sharpe



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